Delivering diversity, bipartisanship, and unmatched expertise

In our rapidly changing political environment, the traditional top-down approach is no longer good enough for businesses to achieve their public policy goals. Success requires broad coalitions and key relationships at every level. That’s why CGCN is proud to partner with United By Interest (UBI), the first bipartisan, majority-minority owned government relations and public affairs firm in Washington. People often talk about desiring bipartisanship, but the team at UBI has a track record of accomplishing it. Their coalition-building combined with CGCN’s best in class advocacy and communications capabilities mean we’re ready to tackle any challenge. From the grassroots all the way to the most exclusive halls of power, CGCN and UBI will build an integrated strategy to engage the right people to deliver the results you need.

How can CGCN + UBI help you?